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We believe that great architecture and design must simply improve the quality of living.

About Us

We are committed to our Craft

We are a Toronto based luxury construction manager, developer, and custom home Specialist servicing the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Our services focus mainly on new builds and major renovations, including historic renovations.

As a Tarion registered constructor, we stick to the highest of standards in all our developments, making sure our clients have a home for life. Our philosophy is to craft homes that welcome those who enter—we design for people, not for ego. Our aim is to design & build the structures of the future.

We are living our dream, let us help you build yours.

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New Builds

We have always been on top of our game in the everchanging new builds market. We are constantly exploring design and build trends in the marketplace. We deliver a state-of-the-art living space to our clients in a timely manner.

What has made us a go to for our clients over the years? Our workmanship, which is backed by the Tarion Warranty program. Efficiency in executing projects in a timely manner. And delivering on a set budget.

Through referrals and adopting new technologies for design-build and scheduling, we have surpassed our competition and grown faster than ever.

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Major Renovations

Our attention to detail and passion for breathing life into dwellings in need of extra love has made us an industry leader for clients and designers seeking a smooth transition from old to new.

Major renovations are more demanding than new builds because they require extreme patience, knowledge, and passion. Connecting the old to the new or refreshing the old while keeping the character of the original building needs special attention.

It takes expertise to understand how buildings from the past have been constructed and how they can get modernized without compromising their structure and integrity. Working with older buildings and transforming them into 21st century homes is truly a work of art.

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