Summerhill 1

One of the most iconic Summerhill residences, this late 1800s Church was developed into 5 luxury townhouses over 30 years ago. We had the privilege of modernizing the inside of it’s largest unit, which is filled with character and has over 5 storeys all the way to the bell tower.

Our approach was to modernize the space while keeping all the originality and character of this residence. One of the main challenges of this project was dealing with structure. This project involved shoring, removing original load-bearing extra-wide masonry walls, and replacing them with oversized beams and columns to create the layout that was requested from us.

The unit was fully gutted to its original structure and from there the creation of this beautiful space started. Originally a 2 bedroom unit, we transformed this space into a 3 bedroom space with an oversized loft unit on the third floor, which expands to 2 mini storeys all the way to the bell tower. The main area of the unit is accessible with a newly put in residential elevator which we had carefully created space for.


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